About Me

Hi! My name is Thijs Kok and I am an UX designer and developer based in The Netherlands. In my full-time job, I am a Lead Developer at TestGear. In addition, I try to contribute to the open-source world by releasing my own packages on Github.

In 2008, I successfully completed my Masters Degree in Information Science at the Radboud University Nijmegen (Informatiekunde in Dutch). I have specialized myself in cognitive ergonomics, which deals with subjects like "Human Machine Interaction" and "User Interface Design".

My girlfriend's name is Bernadine Snijder, she is sitting in front of me on the photo (right). She is the best flute player I ever met, she is the most sweetest girl I know... well, in short: living without her is like a broken pencil... "pointless".


Radboud University Nijmegen

Master in Information Science (Cognitive Ergonomics) August 2008

In my Master study, I chose a specific interdisplinary field next to computer science: the cognitive sciences. With a lot of help of Dr. Dr. Egon van den Broek, I "customized" a set of courses that would make up a solid Master curriculum. These courses were much more "in-depth": I learned about human-machine interaction, cognitive ergonomics, human perception, and neural networks. Again with much help from Egon, I finished my Master thesis "C-SUIT" (Color Selector User Interface Testing) in 2008.

Radboud University Nijmegen

B.A. Degree in Information Science August 2006

Information Science is in some ways similar to computer science, although it emphasizes on the interdisciplinary aspect on computers and technology. It incorporates many other sciences, like philosophy, language studies, and cognitive science. As a consequence, I followed courses at different faculties during my Bachelor study. I completed my Bachelor in 2006.



Lead Software Developer January 2016 - Present

As of 2016, TestGear was created as a spin-off company from CEPO. It sole purpose is to create and support the testing software that was developed for CEPO. The company will grow this year, with the addition of a dedicated sales and support team. Together with my software development team, we continue to make the best testing software in the world :)


Software Developer / Technical Consultant September 2008 - December 2015

CEPO is a testing consultancy firm, providing testing coordination and acceptance test services to its customers. I started out as a consultant, but quickly became involved in the development of the in-house developed testing software that CEPO consultants use in their daily work. The first year I worked on the .NET version, the second year we set out to develop a web-based version. This version has evolved to become an important asset of CEPO. As of 2013, the software is sold separately to customers due to its great demand. In 2015, we created plans to create a separate company that would exclusively build and maintain the software, which ultimately became known as TestGear.


In my software development years, I encountered a lot of programming languages, development techniques, and general computer skills that I have tried to make my own. Below are some of the important ones that I use every day.

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Laravel
  • CSS
  • Html5
  • Jquery

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If you feel the urge to contact me, the quickest way is to send me a PM through Twitter. However, if you prefer a contact form, its right down here. Fill in the details and I will get back at you.