Migrated to CNVS

Jan 05, 2020 — 1 min read

More than a year ago, I wanted to start a developer blog - and so I did. Simultaneously, I build a small CMS app based on Laravel, because that's what developers should do, right?

Well, it turned out that the building part wasn't that hard, but the maintaining part was. Laravel versions went by, I started to receive Github security notifications of outdated packages, and so on. Lesson learned: don't build something you can't maintain. Or even better: maintenance can be more time-consuming than the initial build.

Solution? An existing blogging platform. Wordpress? Hell no. Something minimal, more medium-like. I picked cnvs for its simplicity. It still offers the freedom of adding extra features to my website through Laravel, but takes away the burden of maintaining the blogging engine. Awesome!

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